Luckily I have made all the mistakes and am here to share my knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

There is one guaranteed way of unlocking your iPhone without all the risks which is not well known or heavily publicized.

Are you ready to find out the best way to unlock your phone? Then pay attention because we’re about to find out how to get rid of the carrier lock on your phone FOREVER.

By now you’re probably wondering how a carrier lock works, so before we go any further let’s go through the basics.

A carrier restriction is a ‘feature’ built into new phones by the manufacturer. This custom firmware which is put in to the phone at hardware level can be used to create a variety of locks by the network providers.

They Do This to Keep You Under Contract for a Longer Period of Times so as to make enough profit off you to justify for the discounted price of your phone.

There are THREE broad categories of restrictions that could have been applied:

Country Lock:

This is not a very common type of restriction now a days especially with flagship phones such as the iPhone. This type of restriction would be very inconvenient if you like to travel overseas because this lock prevents you from using your SIM card when out of the country.

Network Lock:

The network lock is by far the most commonly used. This type of restriction keeps you tied or to that particular network so that you can’t escape to another network and you become there ‘captive customer’ which impacts their resale value.

Subscriber Lock:

If you find a deal too good to be true for a phone it most likely has a subscriber lock which is by far the most restrictive lock and results in you only being able to use a particular type of SIM card in the phone. This restriction makes the phone almost impossible to sell.

IMEI Unlocking: The Only Guaranteed Safe Way to Unlock your Phone

We finally arrived to the top, the fail safe way to unlock your phone. Although in the past there have been many other methods that have had brief opportunities where they have worked, IMEI unlocking is timeless and it’s guaranteed to keep working time and time again.

IMEI Number: The IMEI number is absolutely unique to your phone and is the key to releasing you from the clutches of your current carrier.

Carriers that still restrict handsets do so with IMEI so if you were to put an unsupported SIM into an IMEI locked phone it would ask you for a code. If you were to type in the correct code the device would then be free to use!